Here Is Everything We Know About The Vintage Collection

7/22/2017 Hasbro The Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection

After interviewing the Hasbro Brand team at San Diego Comic Con and by gathering intel online, this is all the information which we currently have about the 3.75" The Vintage Collection for next year. 

- The Vintage Collection will be released in Spring 2018

- Figures will cost between $10 - $15 each

- The Vintage Collection will be available everywhere and will not be exclusive to one store

- Officially announced figures are: 

- Rey (re-release)

- Kylo Ren (re-release)

- First Order Stormtrooper (re-release)

- Dr. Aphra (New, Fans Choice Winner)

- Jyn Erso (re-release)

- Cassian Andor (re-release)

- Death Trooper (re-release)

- Assault Tank Driver (new)

- Hoth Trooper (no beard, re-release from the 2010 The Shadow Of The Dark Side Target excl. 3-pack)

- Large sized vehicles will be part of the line

- The first officially announced vehicle is the Rogue One Assault Tank vehicle

- The Vintage Collection Assault Tank vehicle will have room for 2 figures, it will be packaged in classic design, it will not be undersized, it'll be very detailed incl. a coffee cup holder inside (apparently the movie prop had a coffee cup holder inside), real working treads, it carries 3 Kyber Crystal cargo boxes which can be opened

- The Vintage Collection will resume the numbering with #116

- Re-releases will include hard to find figures, including figures from previous toy lines

- Even though there aren't any plans yet, The Vintage Collection could include mail-away figures

- If older figures from the first run of The Vintage Collection will be released, they will be released with the same number and cardback as before

- The Vintage Collection will be running along the 5 points of articulation, kids-focused, toy line

- Hasbro wants a dialog with collectors about this line and needs feedback as to what characters need to be made, so keep posting in the comments, Hasbro does read them!

- Even though Hasbro is committed to The Vintage Collection, they will not release as many as 60 figures a year

This is all we know so far. Make sure you post in the comments which figures you want to see in this line and which ones you want to have re-released!


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