Hasbro's The Black Series 6" Han Solo With Gray Hair Found!

2/6/2017 The Black Series Han Solo

In early January 2017 JediBusiness.com reader Toby Laurie purchased a Hasbro The Black Series 6" figure on Ebay, and when he received it he noticed that Han Solo's hair was the correct gray color. Originally Hasbro released Han Solo with a light brown hair color, but told us during an interview at Star Wars Celebration Europe, that the hair color would be corrected. 

From Toby:

"I bought it off eBay! Never seen it anywhere else! I've checked the box and the sellotape is original by all accounts" and "it was an English seller as the packaging is the UK version without the design blight hazard label on the front!"

So keep your eyes peeled when you are out on a toy run looking for figures!

Thanks for your report Toby!

Black Series Han Solo

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