How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

5/8/2017 Hasbro The Vintage Collection 2

Hasbro's 3.75" The Vintage Collection will be back one year from now, right before the new Han Solo movie will be released in movie theaters. We know that The Vintage Collection will be available at all regular retailers, but we don't know yet if Hasbro will treat it as a main or subline. Will it replace the 5POA or the VS. 2-Packs? Will the Han Solo movie have its own dedicated toy line or will it flow into The Vintage Collection? For how long will those figures come back? Will distribution improve compared to the disastrous 2011 - 2013 time period (remember, those figures were tough to find)? What about vehicles? 

We still have a lot of questions, but one thing is certain, the Vintage Collection won't be cheap. The regular retail price at Walmart for the 3.75" Black Series figures is $12.83 plus tax. That's a tough pill to swallow for many people. How much are you willing to pay for a figure?

When asked, Hasbro has stated in the past that a re-release of the Big Millennium Falcon in today's market would roughly cost about $400, would you be willing to pay that much? The price of regularly sized vehicles certainly would go up as well, the days of getting mid-sized scaled vehicles in the $20 - $25 price range are over, would you spend $60, $70 for such a new vehicle, or even a re-release with a slightly different paint application? 

Even though we are all happy that our beloved packaging style will be back and that the figures will be non-exclusive and super articulated again, the Vintage Collection will definitely come with a higher price tag as well. Let us know in the comments what your ideal price tag for a single carded figure would be, or even vehicles in the mid and large sized scales!

How much would you spend on Star Wars toys?

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