Minor Paint Difference Discovered On Range Troopers

2/7/2019 Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro

Fellow collector and J.B. reader Owen Brown found a difference between the single carded Range Trooper from the Force Link 2.0 series and the multipack Range Trooper figure from the Mission On Vandor-1 4-pack. If you look closely at the chest plate you'll notice that the single carded figure has a small black stripe painted on it while the figure from the multipack has a blue stripe instead. 

We looked at our figures in the collection and sure enough, we can confirm the difference. Thanks to Owen Brown for reporting in! 

Range Trooper

As far as we can tell all single carded figures were painted black, and the ones in the multipack came painted blue, which makes it an easy way to identify down the road which one you have in your collection. Keep in mind that both figures also were given different voice samples, which is another way to differentiate both versions. 

Range Trooper

Database entries and high-res images:

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