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We've taken a close look at every single Star Wars Black Series 6" figure released in 2018 a few days ago (you can look at the TOP 10 here), and today we are going to take a look at our favorite Force Link 2.0 figures from 2018. Just like with the Black Series, we took pictures of every figure released this year and we wrote down what we liked and disliked about each one. For a full list of Force Link 2.0 figures have a look here: Force Link 2.0 Database. The images below are all clickable, so you can get to each database entry and learn more about each figure. 

10) Kessel Guard

The Kessel Guard was released in a 2-pack together with Lando Calrissian. Even though the figure has only five movable parts (1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs) it's a very cool looking figure. There were lots of small details worked into the helmet, the back, the chest area and the dirty and weathered paint application on the outfit looks nice. The staff can even be attached to the backpack. This figure is essential for a complete Kessel Mine display. 

We think the Kessel Guard looks great on display on the Kessel Mine Escape playset.

Han Solo, Kessel Mine Escape Playset

9) Weazel

We love aliens and cool looking characters here at J.B. and we are glad that Hasbro has made a figure of Weazel! The character, which is portrayed by Warwick Davis in The Phantom Menace and Solo: A Star Wars Story, is a great addition to Enfys Nest's gang. Just like most other figures in the Force Link 2.0 series it has only five movable body parts (1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs), but it's just such a cool and detailed looking figure that we think it deserves to be in the TOP 10 for 2018.

8) Han Solo (Mission On Vandor-1)

This version of Han Solo features nine points of articulation and captures Han's look from the conveyex train heist nicely.  It's an all new version of Han Solo wearing his fur coat and the figure fits perfectly into the Mission On Vandor-1 playset. 

7) Lando Calrissian

It's not easy to capture Donald Glover's swagger, but Hasbro did a very good job with this figure. The face expression in particular looks cool, plus the figure has a working holster and removable cape. Hasbro also managed to include some of the coolest Force Link 2.0 voice samples in the figure, listen here: 

6) Val

We had the opportunity to see Val's costume up-close at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this year and we were surprised just how many details were translated into the 3.75" figure. The cannister on the back, the red tubes on the upper body and the rope, combined with a great head sculpt make for a great looking figure.

5) Qi'Ra

This Qi'Ra figure was packed together with some of the other figures which made it into our TOP 10 of this year.  Even though the figure feels simple with only limited poseability, the sculpt and overall character likeness make up for that. 

4) Han Solo (with Landspeeder)

Our pick for the number four spot this year goes to the Han Solo with Landspeeder set. The speeder is surprisingly big and has an action feature built in where the driver seat can shoot out the driver if the vehicle crashes against something. It's a great looking vehicle which is packed together with a cool, young Han Solo and the set makes for a nice looking display piece.

Han Solo, With M-68 Landspeeder

3) Princess Leia (Hoth)

This Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit) action figure surprised us. Kenner/Hasbro have released numerous versions of Leia from The Empire Strikes Back over the years but this new take on her turned out nicely. Leia was given seven points of articulation, a nice head sculpt and pose and she came with a blaster.

2) Moloch

Moloch is one of the most impressive 3.75" figures released this year. If it wasn't for Quay Tolsite, it would have made our top spot. Moloch's mask is removable which then reveals the creepy white-worm face. The sculpt and the size of the figure are impressive and the working holster together with Moloch's staff looks cool. Hasbro doesn't release that many alien figures these days so having this figure on display adds some cool contrast to all the human figures. If you come across this figure make sure to pick it up, it's cool!

1) Quay Tolsite

Quay Tolsite was an easy choice for us for the top spot in 2018! The figure captures the likeness of Quay Tolsite from the movie perfectly, the helmet, the tubes running from the chest into the helmet, the color tone on the outfit with Kessel dirt towards the bottom of the clothing, the way Quay Tolsite was sculpted holding the cell keys, it all works well together. The figure's pose mimicks the character's appearance from the movie nicely and we don't think there is need for more than the included five points of articulation. Unfortunately the figure was only packed one per case which makes it hard to find. However, if you come across it make sure to pick it up, it looks great on display and complements the Kessel Mine Escape playset nicely! 

Quay Tolsite

So, there you have it. What do you think? What's your favorite figure from Hasbro's Force Link 2.0 series in 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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