More Info About The Vintage Collection R2-D2!

10/28/2018 The Vintage Collection Hasbro A New Hope

Steve Evans, Design Director for Star Wars at Hasbro, revealed on his Instagram account that the just announced R2-D2 for the 3 3/4" Vintage Collection next year will be released on a classic ANH card. 

We did some digging and it looks as if the R2-D2 figure itself will be a re-release of the Entertainment Earth exclusive Force Link 2.0 R2-D2 figure which is packed-in with C-3PO. You can get the set here: R2-D2 & C-3PO at Entertainment Earth. For more images of R2-D2 take a look at the database entry or scroll further down. 

For a list of all 3 3/4" R2-D2 figures have a look in the database here: R2-D2 figures.

Pic credit of the Kenner R2 goes to Chris Fawcett's

Kenner R2 D2

The Vintage Collection R2 D2

Force Link R2 D2

Force Link R2 D2

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