The Vintage Collection Schedule UPDATE!

11/1/2018 The Vintage Collection Hasbro

Here is a complete look at Hasbro's The Vintage Collection schedule all the way up to Fall 2019. There are six figures which still need to be revealed and we will likely see them at New York Toy Fair 2019. The future looks bright for fans of Kenner packaging and super articulated action figures, check it out:

Officially Announced Figures

January 2019

Star Wars Vintage Collection

February 2019

  • VC000 Yak Face (and the Sail Barge) (the figure is identical to the basic VC132 Saelt Marae figure but on a Kenner-style Power Of The Force card with a collector coin. This was the very first HasLab project in 2017 and no, it will not be made available again to fans in the United States and Canada. There will however be a small number of Sail Barges made available to customers outside of the United States and Canada, but no specific information has been released yet)

The Vintage Collection Sail Barge

April 2019

Star Wars Vintage Collection

Retail Exclusives

Star Wars Vintage Collection Han Solo, Gamorrean Guard and 41st elite clone trooper

Convention Exclusives


July 2019

Star Wars Vintage Collection

Fall 2019

  • VCXXX Poe Dameron (first time on a Kenner-style card, the figure is a straight re-release of the Black Series 3.75" Poe Dameron figure from 2015)

Star Wars Vintage Collection Poe Dameron

Specialty Shop Exclusives

Following Star Wars: The Vintage Collection figures were announced during New York Comic Con 2018 as re-releases to specialty shops in order to give fans, in particular overseas, a chance to get their hands on those classic figures. You can watch the announcement in our live HD video coverage starting at about 44 minutes into the footage where Patrick Schneider, Global Brand Manager for Hasbro Star Wars, talked about it and included the United States in his talk. 

Those figures are a bit of a dilemma for Hasbro because they were looking into getting classic characters back out to fans (just like they are doing with the Black Series 6" ARCHIVE series) but the Vintage Collection figures were already released on classic Kenner-style cards and it doesn't get more classic than that, so instead of creating new packaging, the original classic Vintage Collection packaging will be re-used. 

Expect changes made to the back of the packaging in comparison to the previous releases with adjustments to legal statements and advertisting of currently available figures. During MCM Comic Con London it was mentioned that this wave would be available in Europe only, so we'll have to wait and see how this is going to play out. We'll keep you informed here, so keep checking back please. 

Star Wars Vintage Collection Europe

That's it going into 2019! We know of 24 The Vintage Collection figures already! Stay tuned to for any news and updates!


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