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7/31/2018 Noris Force Con The Vintage Collection Hasbro

The organizers of the Noris Force Con in Germany have announced that there will be three Hasbro convention exclusives available at their event. So far two of the three have been announced while the third exclusive is going to be announced in the near future. 

The first exclusive is the Doctor Aphra Comic Set 3-Pack which was available at San Diego Comic Con in the United States. This time however the packaging will look quite different with several different languages on the front of the box. The figures will be the same however, a price has not been announced yet. 

The second exclusive will be the Han Solo Exogorth Escape set, which was also previously available at San Diego Comic Con in the United States. The packaging looks identical but the back will likely be updated in multiple different languages. A price has not been announced yet. 

Exclusives will only be sold at the show and will not be available online afterwards. Even though those figures are exclusive to the convention in Germany, there is a good chance that they will be available at other conventions in Europe over the coming months. Hasbro will have two representatives at the show holding a panel and a Q&A with attendees about their Star Wars toy line. Noris Force Con will be held from September 21 - 23rd 2018 in Fürth, Germany. You can follow Noris Force Con on Facebook for more information.

Noris Force Con Star Wars

Noris Force Con Star Wars

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