Check Out The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Black Series Figures!

6/13/2018 San Diego Comic Con SDCC The Black Series

Anthony Breznican at Entertainment Weekly has revealed the 2018 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Black Series 6" sets with Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) and Mynock titled Han Solo Exogorth Escape, and the Kylo Ren vs. Rey set in a Centerpiece diorama. The Starkiller Base Centerpiece set has a steam function and a light-up backdrop which will make for a cool looking display.

The Han Solo Exogorth Escape set will cost $34.99 and the Starkiller Base Centerpiece diorama will cost $109.99. For the full reveal take a look at the Entertainment Weekly article. As always, a very limited number of sets will be available after the convention through and several international conventions later in the year. 

 Black Series San Diego Comic Con 2018

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