12/11/2018 The Black Series Hasbro

We've taken a close look at every single Star Wars Black Series 6" figure released in 2018, we took pictures of every figure from every angle, we wrote down what we liked about each one and what we didn't like, we discussed every database entry with you, our readers, and we talked about most of them on our Toy Run podcast. So here are our favorite TOP 10 Black Series Star Wars figures from 2018!

10) Rio Durant

Rio Durant was released just recently but he has become one of our favorite Black Series figures in 2018. Hasbro gave the figure four movable arms, four elbows and four wrists, but most importantly the figure has the correct height and just looks like the character in the movie. It has a working holster, comes with two blasters and removable goggles. It's an overall well executed figure and the Ardennian compliments Beckett's crew perfectly!

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Get 10% Off Ebay!

12/7/2018 Ebay

Ebay has a one day deal today! You can get 10% off any purchase with promo code PHLDAYTEN. Happy Holiday shopping fellow collectors!

Ebay promo code

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Lots Of Love For Kenner In The Official German Star Wars Magazine!

12/1/2018 Star Wars Magazine Kenner

We were quite surprised to find a lot of Kenner content in Germany's official Star Wars magazine which is currently available on newsstands. There are two small posters included, one which features the classic line-up of Kenner Star Wars figures with the yellow background, and one which depicts the Battle Of Hoth with several Kenner vehicles and action figures. Both images were captured by Kim Simmons who is interviewed over five pages talking about his history with Kenner in the 80's and his experience photographing Star Wars toys. 

Needless to say that if you've grown up with Kenner Star Wars back in the days it's nice to see those toys being featured heavily in a current Star Wars magazine, that's something which we haven't seen in the U.S. version since Chris Fawcett's Jedi Toy Box column. Editorials like this help the new generation of 3.75" Hasbro Star Wars action figure collectors learn about the 40+ year history and it keeps the collector segment within the Star Wars fandom engaged.  

The official German Star Wars magazine costs €4.60 (which is currently 5.21 USD) and is available on newsstands until December 20, 2018.

If you don't speak German, you can listen to our own interview with Kim Simmons here.

Star Wars magazine

Star Wars magazine

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11/30/2018 Galaxy Of Adventures Hasbro

Hasbro has announced new 3.75" Star Wars action figures to support Lucasfilm's brand new Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures animated TV shorts. The first wave of figures is already available exclusively at Walmart stores with the second wave being released in Spring 2019. Here is the press release for you with official glam shots:

STAR WARS fans new and old can discover the exciting action from a galaxy far, far away with figures and more from STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURES! Learn about the most iconic characters from the STAR WARS movies or scan the included QR code to join in on the adventures of fan favorites like DARTH VADER, HAN SOLO, PRINCESS LEIA, LUKE SKYWALKER, and more! With STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURES, the galaxy far, far away comes home!

New STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURES products for Fall 2018 include:


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Fall 2018)

DARTH VADER is a Sith lord who uses the powers of the Dark side to battle Rebel forces and help the evil Galactic Empire keep control of the galaxy. Learn about DARTH VADER and other STAR WARS characters with figures from GALAXY OF ADVENTURES. Each pack contains 1 3.75-inch figure, 1 mini comic, and 1 QR code that kids can activate with your smart device to discover more stories online about the character! Includes figure, accessory, mini comic, and digital code. Available exclusively at Walmart.

(Editor's note: this figure is a re-release of the Force Link 2.0 Darth Vader action figure from August 2018 with no voice samples implemented)

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It Is With Great Sadness That We Say Good-Bye To Steve Evans!

11/29/2018 Steve Evans Hasbro

Steve Evans, Design Director at Hasbro for Star Wars toys, announced on several social media accounts today that he is moving on from his position to take on a new role at Hasbro as Creative Director for Consumer Products. 

It's with great sadness that we see Steve Evans leave. He was accessible, open-minded and truly listened to the fans. His deep knowledge of Star Wars and enthusiasm shined through in every panel, interview and presentation and within the past five years he's become the face of Star Wars at Hasbro. We want to thank him for bringing The Vintage Collection back and for inventing the HasLab initiative which made Jabba's Sail Barge possible. The HasLab project in particular was a huge accomplishment by him and his team as it gives us fans the opportunity to get Star Wars toys which otherwise would never get made. 

Most of all though we want to thank Steve for opening a channel of communication which gave us direct access to ask questions. When we interviewed Steve on our podcast TOY RUN back during the Summer of 2016, and asked how a Star Wars figure was being made, he would walk us through the process. He understood that we were genuinely interested in this, and it was later followed up with several videos and behind-the-scenes information during panel presentations (a trend which continues to this day) to keep us informed. 

To communicate more with fans he brought the Fans Choice poll back (for 6" and 3.75"), there were several Instagram Q&A's, there was the Vintage Collection Conversation on HasbroPulse, we did a few Google Hangouts with Steve and members of the Star Wars team, and of course there were a lot of panels with Q&A's and interviews throughout the past five years. 

Steve Evans introduced us to people working behind-the-scenes like Tom Rego (sculpting manager) and Mark Boudreaux (senior principal designer/legend) in the designer desk video series, which was interesting for us fans to see. Having Steve Evans place Mark Boudreaux in the foreground on several occassions and educating Star Wars collectors about his 40 year long contributions to Star Wars toys was also much appreciated. 

The contact to fan sites was great and we felt that we made an impact with our answers and questions. JediBusiness.com's readers had been asking for the return of playsets, and we receiced the fantastic BB-8 playset last year, followed up with the awesome old-school heavy-cardboard Kessel Mine Escape and Mission On Vandor-1 playsets. He knew we didn't like the yellow banana visors on TFA figures, so he got rid of that. We wanted creatures to come back in the 3.75" line and he brought them back with the Rathtar/Wampa sets. We don't like NERF? Got it, let's get rid of NERF! We wanted the Vintage Collection? We got it. We ran an article about the Vintage Collection bubbles being too wide and that the artwork needs to be made bigger, and sure enough, it was confirmed that there will be changes made going forward. 

Knowing that Steve Evans grew up like many of us with Kenner Star Wars toys in the 70's and 80's brought authenticity with it. He was a collector himself and even dealt with Star Wars figures in the 90's to pay some bills. Once we sent him a message at 1:30am asking to clarify the differences between the regular Black Series 6" Captain Rex figure and the Hascon version, his answer came back from his private account at 4am. Now that's dedication.  Whoever follows next has big shoes to fill and we hope that Steve Evans' successor will maintain the excellent communication with the fan base. We also hope that his successor will not only bring a love for Star Wars with her or him, but also a deep appreciation for the Kenner Star Wars toy line from the 70's and 80's, which in our point of view is the foundation everything is built on. 


Images below: Steve Evans, FanthaTracks, JediNews and JediBusiness.

Steve Evans


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A Look At The Kessel Mine Escape Playset!

11/26/2018 Hasbro Force Link 2.0 Solo: A Star Wars Story

You can now find the Han Solo action figure from Hasbro's Force Link 2.0 Kessel Mine Escape playset in the database along with all the images and information about the playset itself, take a look:

Kessel Mine Escape

Kessel Mine Escape

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11/25/2018 FAO Schwarz

New York’s most famous toy store has reopened just in time for the holidays! FAO Schwarz is back and the brand new store, which opened on November 13, 2018 at Rocketfeller Center in New York City features a Build-a-Bear workshop, a Transformers shop and a Melissa & Doug grocery store. The retail space is 20,000-sq.-ft. big and expands across two floors and a mezzanine level.

The familiar clock tower of FAO Schwarz, whose longtime Midtown location closed in 2015, welcomes guests at the 49th Street entrance, while a rocket ship makes its first launch, inviting those entering from the Plaza to blast off. And toy soldiers stationed outside the store, dressed in a uniform designed by model Gigi Hadid, bring an extra splash of color and pizzazz.

FAO Schwarz Reopened!

In a global marketing push, pop-up FAO shops are also opening for the holidays in Canada, England, Spain and Australia. A March rollout is planned for a permanent store at a mall in Beijing in addition to smaller retail locations in airports and elsewhere across the U.S. and Canada.

It's great to see that a former toy store is back and that there are plans to expand globally. FAO Schwarz's flag ship store is now located at 30 Rockefeller Center (on 49th Street at Rockefeller Plaza, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues), open Monday–Saturday 9am–8pm, Sunday 11am–8pm. Hours will be extended during the holiday season.


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Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2018!

11/22/2018 Toy Run Podcast JediBusiness.com Black Friday

Just when you are about to go into a food coma after feasting on too much turkey, pop-in the latest news-filled episode of your favorite Star Wars collecting podcast! Listen to Criz Bee and Jake Stevens break-down Black Friday ads, website listings and store reports of Star Wars action figures. The hosts also talk about Dewback balls, Jeffrey's Toy Box and deals at discount stores. Listen now and please leave us a review on iTunes!

Toy Run

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5 Below TLJ Vehicles Now Online!

11/16/2018 5 Below Hasbro The Last Jedi

Thanks to J.B. reader Jack Stuk for letting us know that the Last Jedi A-Wing Fighter with Tallie and the Canto Bight Police Speeder are now available through the 5 Below website at $5 each! That is an amazing deal for some great vehicles. Tap on the image below to go to the 5Below website or look at our reviews of the figures here: 

A-Wing Fighter With Tallie

Canto Bight Police Speeder With Officer

5 below star wars


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Listen To Toy Run #133!

11/15/2018 Toy Run Podcast JediBusiness.com

We've released Toy Run episode #133! Listen to us talk about the Disney Sandcrawler vehicle, the Vandor-1 4-pack from Hasbro and all the Star Wars action figure news from the past few weeks! You can stream every episode for free here on the website or simply subscribe through your favorite podcast reader like iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Spotify etc... 

Go to Episode #133!

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Toy Run


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A CLOSER LOOK: Princess Leia Organa (Hoth) From The Black Series!

11/13/2018 The Black Series Hasbro The Empire Strikes Back

You can now find Princess Leia Organa (Hoth) from The Black Series 6" in the database. For all the info have a look here: 

Black Series Princess Leia Organa (Hoth) #75

Princess Leia

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Dengar Is The Last Bounty Hunter From Empire!

11/13/2018 The Black Series Hasbro The Empire Strikes Back

We've added Dengar from Hasbro's Black Series 6" line to the database. For all the information about this figure have a look here: 

Black Series DENGAR #74

Black Series Dengar

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The Black Series Imperial Patrol Trooper REVIEW!

11/13/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro The Black Series

We've taken a look at the Imperial Patrol Trooper from Hasbro's Black Series 6" line, check it out:

Black Series Imperial Patrol Trooper #72

Black Series Imperial Patrol Trooper

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L3-37 Is Now In The Database!

11/13/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Solo: A Star Wars Story

We've added Lando Calrissian's droid L3-37 from Hasbro's The Black Series 6" line to the database. To find out more about the figure have a look here please: 

Black Series L3-37 #73

Black Series L3-37

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VAL has made it into the database! Take A Look!

11/12/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Solo: A Star Wars Story

We've added VAL from Hasbro's 6" Black Series to the database. For all the details about this action figure have a look here: 

Black Series VAL #71

Black Series VAL

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