So, What Did We Learn From Hasbro's San Diego Comic Con Presentation?

7/21/2018 Hasbro San Diego Comic Con The Vintage Collection

Here is a rundown of what we have learned from Hasbro's San Diego Comic Con 2018 panel, plus images sent to us by Toy Run listener (a weekly podcast which we produce) Rob Paladino (thanks Rob!) and links to official press releases sent to us by Hasbro, and a closer look at Hasbro's fantastic San Diego Comic Con exclusives this year. 

So, what did we learn from the Hasbro presentation?

The Vintage Collection 3.75" 

In 2019 Hasbro will use their Photo Real face printing technology on The Vintage Collection figures. This is exciting news and means much more accurate faces and good-bye bad paint apps! Hasbro has confirmed some new figures for 2019 and how many per months they'll release. The current release schedule for The Vintage Collection looks like this: 

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A Look At The Kessel Mine Playset!

7/20/2018 Hasbro San Diego Comic Con Force Link 2.0

During the Hasbro San Diego Comic Con panel today, it was revealed that two new playsets for 3.75" figures will be released in the Fall of 2018. Both playsets will have graphics on the front and back so that it can be rotated 360 degrees. Hasbro mentioned that each playset will cost below $50. The Kessel Mine playset will be sold exclusively at Walmart stores and it will include a Han Solo action figure (the figure looks to be the same as the one which is packed-in with the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon) Here is a look at the cardboard backdrops and the graphics on it, take a look below.

Kessel Mine Playset

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Pre-Panel SDCC PRESS PHOTOS Are Here, Check 'Em Out!

7/19/2018 Hasbro SDCC San Diego Comic Con

We've received press photos from Hasbro today with a handful of images of up-coming Black Series and Vintage Collection photos. We expect more photos on Friday, so please check back!

Check out the press photos here!

San Diego Comic Con Hasbro Star Wars

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The Clone Wars Is Coming Back!

7/19/2018 The Clone Wars Lucasfilm Disney

Lucasfilm, during the 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018, announced that The Clone Wars will be back. Now the question is, will Hasbro resurrect their animated line of figures to support the TV show? Check out the trailer below!

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Listen To Our HASBRO SDCC EXCLUSIVES Review Episode!

7/19/2018 Toy Run SDCC

Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast Episode 116 is now available! You can stream every episode for free here on the website, iTunes, Google Play etc...

On today's episode of Toy Run Criz Bee and Jake Stevens review every Hasbro San Diego Comic Con 2018 exclusive figure which includes an in-depth look at the Forces Of Destiny Chewbacca with Porg family, the Black Series Centerpiece with Rey (Starkiller Base) and Kylo Ren, the Black Series Han Solo Exogorth Escape set and the Vintage Collection Dr. Aphra 3-Pack. What figures are re-packs? What's the differences between the single boxed Centerpiece Rey and the SDCC version? What's new about the Kylo Ren figure packed-in with Rey? Is The Vintage Collection Dr. Aphra's flight cap removable? Can you remove Bespin Han from the packaging without breaking it? How many Death Stars will the hosts give each set? All those questions will be answered by your favorite Star Wars collecting podcast! Listen and subscribe now!

Check out the full archive of the Toy Run Podcast!

Toy Run Podcast

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Check Out The Awesome Hasbro Diorama At SDCC!

7/19/2018 SDCC Hasbro Solo: A Star Wars Story

Steve Evans, Design Director at Hasbro for Star Wars toys, has posted a video of the fantastic train diorama from Solo: A Star Wars story. Check it out!

You asked for a video of our conveyex diorama... you got it!

A post shared by Steve Evans (@mrstevie18) on

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Everything You Need To Know About Hasbro's SDCC 2018 Exclusives!

7/19/2018 SDCC San Diego Comic Con Hasbro

Here is an overview of what exclusive Star Wars action figures Hasbro has for sale at San Diego Comic Con 2018. Hasbro can be found at booth #3329. 

The first set is a Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny multipack with Chewbacca and a Porg family for $49.99.

Journeying to the sacred island of AHCH-TO, CHEWBACCA meets the PORGS, a curious avian species found throughout the secluded island. This detailed CHEWBACCA figure is lavishly furry and makes true-to-entertainment sounds when activated, while the PORG figures feature soft flocking that makes them a delight to hold and feel. The package carefully recreates the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, making it perfect for display, and is sure to delight collectors and fans alike. Includes 11-inch CHEWBACCA figure, two PORG figures, PORGLET nest with two baby PORG figures, and two accessories. Requires 3 A76 alkaline batteries, included. The STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY CHEWBACCA AND PORGS will be for sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Limited quantities of this item will be available at select conventions and select online retailers after the convention in the relevant market (including where available). Good while supplies last.

Forces Of Destiny Porgs

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Rey Attack Mode!

7/16/2018 The Black Series The Force Awakens Hasbro

We've added the Rey (Starkiller Base) Centerpiece to the database. This release marks the fourth release in the Black Series Centerpiece line. To learn more about Rey have a look at the database entry:

Rey (Starkiller Base) Centerpiece

rey centerpiece black series

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Let's Steal Some Coaxium!

7/16/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro The Black Series

You can now find Enfys Nest with Swoop Bike from Hasbro's Black Series 6" line in the database. We think it's the most impressive vehicle released in Hasbro's line-up yet, check it out: 

Enfys Nest With Swoop Bike

Enfys Nest Black Series

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Pete As Jango Fett, Check It Out!

7/15/2018 Disney Star Wars Weekends Attack Of The Clones

We've added the 2015 Star Wars Weekends exclusive Disney/Star Wars mash-up figure of Pete as Jango Fett to the database. You can learn more about the figure here: 

Pete as Jango Fett

Pete as Jango fett

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The Empire Fights The Mimbanese!

7/14/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro Force Link 2.0

You can now find the Stormtrooper (Mimban) with Imperial AT-DT Walker in the database. To learn more about this cool set have a look at the database entry please:

Imperial AT-DT Walker with Stormtrooper (Mimban)

Imperial AT-DT Walker

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Donald Duck As A Shadow Trooper? Yup!

7/13/2018 Disney Disney Character Figures Star Wars Celebration

Check out this Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2010 exclusive Donald Duck as Shadow Trooper figure!

Donald Duck Shadow Trooper

Donald Duck Shadow Trooper

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Disney's 5th Series Of Mash-Up Figures!

7/13/2018 Disney Disney Character Figures Disney Theme Park

You can now find the entire series 5 of Disney/Star Wars mash-up figures in the database:

Goofy as Cad Bane

Stitch as General Grievous

Daisy Duck as Aurra Sing

Hewey as a Jawa

Dewey as a Jawa

Louie as a Jawa

Donald Duck as Commander Cody

Disney Star Wars Series 5

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SOLO: A Star Wars Story BluRay Date Announced!

7/10/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story posted that retail and industry sources have informed them that Disney & Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story will arrive on Blu-ray & 4K Ultra HD on 9/25. The official announcement will be coming soon. 

If you want to get the 3D version of the movie you will have to import it from outside of the United States, because it looks as if the 4K and BluRay/DVD/Digital versions will be the only formats the movie will be released on in the United States.

If Hasbro follows their own template from the past few years, we should see the rumored Star Wars action figure 4-pack around the same time. 

Solo A Star Wars Story


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Hasbro Re-Tooled The Flametrooper!

7/10/2018 The Force Awakens Hasbro Force Link

Our friends at Fantha Tracks have learned that Hasbro's version of Han Solo's M-68 landspeeder is a copy of an art department concept design by Neil Ellis and not a copy of the actual model used in Solo: A Star Wars Story! Neil Ellis is a concept model maker and costume FX prop maker working for Lucasfilm. You can follow him on his Instagram account and make sure to check out the entire story at Fantha Tracks!

For a look at Han Solo's M-68 landspeeder toy

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