Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017: Hasbro Panel Photo Gallery

4/24/2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Hasbro

Hasbro's Star Wars panel during Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 was one of the better Hasbro Star Wars panels in recent history. The Hasbro team celebrated 40 years of Star Wars action figures by taking a look at many never-before-seen concept sketches from the mid 1980's and they revealed many design decisions and thought processes for up-coming Star Wars action figures. The panel ended with the reveal of the return of the 3.75" The Vintage Collection in Spring 2018 and the fan vote campaign. 

Check out our Hasbro panel photo gallery!

Hasbro Star Wars Panel

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Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017: The Last Jedi Panel Photo Gallery

4/24/2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 The Last Jedi

Here are some photos which we took during The Last Jedi Panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando in 2017. Guests included Josh Gad, Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Rian Johnson and Kelly Marie Tran.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Panel

The Last Jedi Panel

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Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017: 40th Anniversary Panel Photo Gallery

4/23/2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 40th Anniversary

Here are some pictures from the 40th Anniversary Panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017. The people on stage included Warwick Davis, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Billy Lourd, Peter Mayhew, John Williams with the Orlando Symphony and Kathleen Kennedy.

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Panel

Star Wars 40 Years Panel

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Hasbro's 3.75" Rogue One Wave 4 In-Stock On Ebay

4/21/2017 Hasbro Rogue One GoRogue

If you are worried about finding the last wave of Hasbro's Rogue One figures on store shelves you might want to consider ordering them online. There are several Ebay sellers who have them in stock now, take a look: Rogue One Wave 4

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Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 56

4/21/2017 Toy Run Podcast Star Wars Celebration Orlando

While still riding high from all the great reveals, panels and amazing Star Wars mania at Star Wars Celebration, Jake Stevens and Criz Bee take you through their experience of attending the record-breaking attended con in Orlando, Florida.  Tune in as they share their thoughts about the showfloor, meeting so many TOY RUN listeners, insights gained from chatting with Hasbro designers and Hasbro’s Star Wars panel as they begin to breakdown the first half of the presentation. Listen now and subscribe on iTunes, it's free! 

Star Wars Toy Run

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4/20/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

Hasbro gave you the chance to vote for a character which you'd like to see made next as a 3.75" super articulated Star Wars figure in the up-coming The Vintage Collection 2 in 2018. Below are the results which we'll pass on to Hasbro. Voting will continue on, more details about that soon!

Every person had to type the name of the charcter they wanted to see made into the comments, this helped eliminate multiple "up-votes" on different characters and made it easy to spot multiple entries by the same person.

Here is our TOP 6:

Ben Skywalker

Luke Skywalker (from The Force Awakens)

Dr. Aphra

Tonnika Sisters

Dash Rendar

Pong Krell

Thank you to everybody who participated, may the Force be with you!




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Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 55

4/20/2017 Toy Run Podcast Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Fresh from their whirlwind trip to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, the hosts of TOY RUN bring you this special episode featuring their live recording of Hasbro’s Star Wars panel. Tune in a for a panel which not only received many a applause but even a standing ovation at one point. Tune is for some great reveals and we’ll break it all down next episode! Listen now and subscribe!

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The Black Series 6" Tarkin Release Date

4/18/2017 Hasbro The Black Series

Hasbro has reached out to let us know that the Black Series Tarkin 6" figure with Interrorgation Droid will be released in Spring 2018. The figure will cost $19.99.



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What Have We Learned From Hasbro At Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017?

4/17/2017 Hasbro Star Wars Celebration Orlando

During Star Wars Celebration Orlando we stopped by the Hasbro booth several times to get new information about their up-coming Star Wars action figure lines. You can read all the info gathered, combined with the announcements during the Hasbro panel in this article.

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The 3.75" The Vintage Collection Will Be Back - LET'S VOTE!

4/15/2017 Hasbro The Vintage Collection Fan Poll


As revealed today at Hasbro’s Star Wars Celebration Orlando panel, the 3.75-inch Vintage Collection is back in 2018. And they want you to decide which character will be next to join the fan-favorite line!

Kicking off today is Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan Figure Vote, where you’ll get to vote for your favorite hero, villain, droid, or alien that has yet to be made into an action figure. It could be anyone — from Doctor Aphra of Marvel’s comics to Klik-Klak from Star Wars Rebels. (And remember, the world still needs a Tonnika action figure!)

First-round voting in Hasbro’s initiative will take place at Star Wars fan sites from today, April 15-April 19; after voting closes, the top picks from each site will be entrants in a final poll at, which will run from April 26-30. The winner will be announced at a later date.



Star Wars Hasbro Fan Poll





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Photo Gallery Of Hasbro's Star Wars Booth At Star Wars Celebration!

4/13/2017 Hasbro Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Join us as we take a look at Hasbro's booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017:

Hasbro Booth Celebration Orlando 2017

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New Disney Build-A-Droid Figures!

4/12/2017 Disney Build A Droids

Lots of news today! The Disney Blog announced today that eight new droids will be released at Star Wars Celebration this weekend (and shortly thereafter at Disney Parks). Four droids will be released in a boxed set with four Astromech droid action figures inspired by characters from the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

Additionally, three limited release action figures are making their debut including C1-10P “Chopper” from Disney XD’s animated series “Star Wars Rebels;” a two-pack featuring R2-D2 and C-3PO celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope; and a red Protocol droid, R-3D0, that was briefly seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

These products will debut in Booth 3463 at Star Wars Celebration, a Star Wars fan event coming to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 13-16, 2017.

Build A Droids

Build A Droids

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Black Series 6" Landspeeder Revealed!

4/12/2017 The Black Series Hasbro

Yahoo! Movies has revealed Hasbro's The Black Series 6" Luke Skywalker with Landspeeder. The set will be available this Fall and retail for $59.99.

The Black Series Landspeeder

The Black Series Landspeeder

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Hasbro's 6" Rey With Rey's Speeder Announced

4/11/2017 The Black Series Hasbro exclusively announced Hasbro's 6" Black Series Rey with Rey's Speeder this morning. 

The Speeder features two opening panels to see the inner detailing of the craft itself, and nine points of articulation—including the base (sculpted to make it look like the Speeder displacing dust and air as it floats) that can let you pose and tilt the vehicle. 

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How To Get The Star Wars Celebration Excl. Luke Skywalker!

4/10/2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Hasbro

ReedPop has released information about how to get the exclusive Hasbro 40th Anniversary Collection 6" Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) figure, and it isn't pretty. In order to purchase a Hasbro Exclusive on Thursday and Friday, a limited number of tickets will be given out.

There will be a special morning queue for those who want to receive a Hasbro Exclusive ticket in the morning. Please look for Queue 10 and the sign that says “Tickets to Purchase items from HasbroToyshop”.

Tickets for the Hasbro Exclusive will begin to be given out at approximately 6:00 AM on Thursday and Friday. After receiving a ticket for the Hasbro Exclusive, fans can join the regular Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall Chutes.

You cannot get into the Hasbro line to purchase anything at their booth without a ticket on Thursday or Friday, regardless if what you’re purchasing is the Hasbro Exclusive or not. On Thursday and Friday the only fans that can shop in the Hasbro booth are those with tickets.

On Saturday and Sunday, tickets will not be required to shop at the Hasbro booth.

Not sure why Hasbro thought this is a fair way to distribute those figures, especially with two major panels happening on Thursday and Friday morning with thousands of people expected to camp out over night. 

Also, what else will Hasbro offer for sale? Maybe the first wave of 6" 40th Anniversary Collection figures? Will we see wave 4 of 3.75" Rogue One figures? Stay tuned to for updates!


Luke skywalker figure



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